Start The Passport Queen Club

Show her the world, she'll change the world.

The Passport Queen Club curates a safe and empowering space for girls to thrive and build lifelong relationships while discussing topics and issues unique to them. 

What’s a club? 

We empower young women through education and exploration while gifting each girl with an essential key to access the world—her first passport. 

~ Middle School + High School Aged Girls

~ Free 

~ 2-4 hours a week

~ Held after school, on weekends, and/or during summer sessions throughout the school year.


Develop lifelong friendships, engage in community service and change the world starting in the classroom.



A passport is 10 years of “no excuses” for girls and young women to explore and access the world. Global citizenship begins in the classroom where girls discover the power of a passport.


Together we can make an impact. In partnership with travel camps around the globe, all Passport Queens and their families are connected to resources and explorative opportunities.

Become a Passport Queen Facilitator

Make a Statement and start an in-person club in your community by becoming a Passport Queen Facilitator. We’re looking for amazing women to join the team. Facilitators are teachers, librarians, parents, and college students from any background and field. No previous facilitator experience required.