Make a Statement

And become one of our partners in good deeds.

Through the Make A Statement Program, we’re looking to connect with businesses, individuals, and foundations to support the ongoing need for passports for our girls by (donating or hosting a fundraising event) to provide one or more passports to our girls.

How you chose to make a statement is 100% up to you.

  • Host a fundraiser 
  • Donate a percentage of your sales 
  • Share the donation campaign with your network or 
  • Match your staff’s donations at work.

Whatever way you choose to make a statement, be sure to get creative and have fun. Your donation will provide a girl with an essential key to access the world – her first passport.

We love to brag about our partners in good deeds.


Join the squad and we will brag about you on Social Media, in the press, and to our network!

Our Partners in good deeds