Meet Our Girls

Our girls rock! The Passport Queen Clubs are designed to push each young woman beyond her comfort zone and we create a safe and empowering space for girls to share their fears, hopes, and dreams.

At the conclusion of each program, every young woman receives her first passport.

Show her the world, she’ll change the world.


"Obtaining a passport will change my life because I will finally be able to travel and go places that I’ve never been."

"The world is so huge and there are so many amazing countries and cities that I would love to visit. Traveling the world can teach you so much and I’m always interested to see how other people live."


"This program gives young women confidence so its going to help with one’s struggles."

"I learned that everyone can be financially successful, you just have to have a plan and go through what steps it takes to get there."


"Everyone has a voice and not everyone is given the platform to speak their mind."

"Our women’s group is a great place to be yourself and admire your differences from others."

passport queen

Aisha S.

Who would think that something as simple as a passport can be the difference between a girl seeing the world and them being confined to the community they have to know their whole life.

I have seen many organizations that work to provide school materials, clothing, and sports scholarships to children in low-income communities. But rarely do I see organizations that aim to address the obstacles that these girls have to encounter when they decide to travel the world.

I believe that Statement Junky approached the topic regarding inequality and the lack of resources and access for low-income children in a rejuvenating and innovative manner.

Yet the amazing Rashell Evans was able to discover this issue and was able to create Statement Junky, an organization that aims to provide young women access to passports so that they can experience the world through their own eyes.


Kiera F.

This group has helped me gain relationships with elder scholars.

In our women’s group I was able to grow, speech wise. I know now that I can go to any 10th grader in this group. I learned about women stereotypes in today’s society



"I enjoy the fact that we are forming a foundation of friends. I also love the fact that we are going to learn to empower ourselves"

classroom session
classroom session painting
Passport queens conducting a workshop

Kamla K.

"I love that we’re pushed to show respect to each other and lift us up for empowering ourselves as young women."

Chelsea B.

"I enjoy making new friends and becoming comfortable about being me. I like that I can share my problems."

Classroom Sessions